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Mission Statement

The South Bay Aquatics USA swimming program provides a unified multi-pool environment conducive to training and quality instruction that allows athletes to systematically progress from novice to national caliber level. Our dedicated and trained coaching staff and parental participation instill in our athletes at all levels, positive life-long values based upon teamwork, self-discipline, and healthy competition. South Bay Aquatics serves youth in the Bonita, Chula Vista, National City, Imperial Beach, Coronado, Eastlake, Otay Ranch, Rolling Hills Ranch, and southern San Diego communities.

South Bay Aquatics is currently seeking qualified individuals to augment our existing coaching staff for summer programs. Contact Head Coach Tom Paradowski for more information.


Wednesday, September 10th, 5pm-6pm

Mater Dei Highschool, (Football Bleachers).


We will be holding elections for Vice President and Treasurer.

Each office is a for a 2 year term.

Karen Carpadakis will be running for Treasurer again.

No one is currently running for Vice President.


If you would like to be added to the slate before the meeting please email Todd Parsons, the team President at


Nominations at the meeting require a motion from the floor plus three seconds.


Duties of Vice President

  • perform the duties of the President in his/her absence or inability to act.
  • perform as parliamentarian at all meetings.
  • perform such other activities as the Board may direct


Duties of Treasurer

  • keep accurate and complete accounts of all receipts and disbursements.
  • collect and deposit all monies in the name of and to the credit of the CLUB in such depositories as the Board may direct.
  • sign, together with the President or the Head Coach, all checks or other instruments of payment in order to disburse the funds of the CLUB as may be ordered by the BOARD, taking proper vouchers for such disbursements.
  • furnish monthly and annual financial reports to the Board at the regularly scheduled meetings.
  • appoint, with approval of the Board, site managers to assist in the collection of monthly fees at the various pool sites and Assistant Treasurers who, from time to time, handle funds for specific purposes under the supervision of the Treasurer.
  • have all “books” available for an annual audit or as deemed necessary by the Board.
Annual Parent Meeting - Vote on Increase in Monthly Fees

Wednesday, September 10th, 5pm-6pm

Mater Dei Highschool, (Football Bleachers).


Vote on Change to Monthly Assessment Fee

We will be voting on an increase in monthly assessment fees to cover our expected shortfall over the next year. The cost of operations has gone up considerably over the last year because of increased Pool Fees as well as Payroll Taxes. We have been gradually depleting our rainy day fund for over a year now. We need an annual increase in revenue of around 40 thousand dollars a year to remain operational into the foreseeable future. We are ok right now but could start facing a problem over the next fiscal year if we do not address the issue now.


The Board has voted to recommend a 20% fee increase for each group.

A 20% across the board fee hike using last years numbers would generate an additional 42K.


Bronze           $60 -> $70

Silver           $75 -> $90

Gold             $85 -> $100

Sr. Silver       $85 -> $100

Sr. Development $100 -> $120

Sr. Gold        $100 -> $120


As a point of comparison - here are rates for some other teams in our area

HSA - Heartland Swim Association

Annual Membeship Fee             $35

Annual Fundraiser Fee           $100

Swim Meet Snackbar Contribution  $10

Monthly Dues Jr. Gold Team      $105

Monthly Dues Sr Development     $120

Monthly Dues Gold Team          $140

Monthly Dues Senior Team        $150


CAST - College Area Swim Team

Monthly Group Rates $79-145

Annual Volunteer Fee $400 must volunteer 40 hours / year to clear fee.


SBA has no annual membership fee and does not ask for a snack bar donation for our home meets. We only ask for a minimum of $50 / year at our swimathon fundraiser. And as a general rule SBA only asks families to volunteer between 30 minutes to an hour at swim meets that their children are swimming at. So SBA is a bargain in comparison to other teams even with the proposed fee increase. 

Please seriously consider the Board’s recommendation in this matter.

There will be an open discussion of the matter at the meeting before the vote.

2015 Athlete Registration

Please use the updated form from USA Swimming for new registrations and renewals.

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